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Yours to discover, invest and earn - From tracking the wallet activity of smart address to earning crypto and everything in between with Halo Wallet.

Discover the latest crypto market trends
Monitor activities of wallets you have followed
Buy crypto in a fast and simple way
Make multi-chain swaps at the best rates
Track DeFi portfolio across various protocols
Get full control of your private keys and personal data
Track smart wallets of pros
Halo Wallet supports smart wallet tracking. Follow wallets and track their on-chain activities with a human-friendly social feed.
Access social graph on Lens Protocol
Halo Wallet has successfully integrated with Lens Protocol. Gain access to the content posted by other users on Lens by connecting to your Lens profile NFT.
Buy, store, send, and swap tokens
Available as a mobile app and chrome extension, Halo Wallet offers a safe place to buy, store, send, and swap your digital assets.
Your DeFi portfolio tracker
Halo Wallet is your best Web3 portfolio tracker that covers all tokens, DeFi protocols, NFTs across multiple chains.
Private & Secure
Halo Wallet is a self-custody social wallet that ensures your assets and data are private and secure.
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