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Social Influence with is designed to build a revolutionary monetization layer within the SocialFi field. We aim to create a new paradigm of UBI, giving ownership to everyone.

Establish your Web3 identity
Connect your user profile, following relationships, posts, account, loyalty and other activities with Halo membership pass.
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Track the latest market trends
See what's trending on chain by following wallets of influencers and tracking their postings.
Monetize your social values
Ensure all users who participate in earn Halo XP and future token rewards for their contributions.
Wallet aggregator
All of your assets stored in a mnemonic wallet, fiat account, smart contract wallet, or hardware wallet can be aggregated under a unified dashboard.
Manage assets in one place
Seamlessly swap, earn, on/off ramp and manage tokens within Secure, convenient, and at low cost!
Discover Alpha in crypto via social offers you a fast and simple way to seek Alpha crypto projects through social networking.
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